Texas Mini-Trucks
Our handy RENTAL TRUCKS will make your work load a lot easier, due to
their 660cc liquid cooled engine and standard 4 wheel drive as well as a 4 or 5
speed transmission, and a 4x6 truck bed that has removable sides. They are
tuff enough to handle the work load of a full size pickup, but without the cost!
Reduce the wear and tear on your nice pickup. Our mini trucks are also great
to keep you out of the elements. If you were to use an ATV or UTV you could
be out in the  freezing cold winter air, but with our handy mini trucks you have
the comfort of your truck for the winter months, they are equipped with a full
heating system and can have a great cooling system as well. It is also nice to
have the luxury of  windshield wipers, seat belts, headlights, and a full
instrumentation system. All of this with the versatility of an ATV. These are
great on fuel with the normal fuel mileage of an ATV being 10 to 30 miles per
gallon, you will be happy to know that our mini trucks get up to 50 miles per
gallon. Who doesn't want to save money on fuel? Our mini trucks come to us
with very low mileage, so you will be able to have them for the long haul. All of
our great mini trucks are inspected by our mechanics to make sure they have
no mechanical flaws and that they are ready to work for you!
Companies, please call for
details.  Our trucks are better,
safer, larger payload, more
economical and keep you out of
the elements.  
We accept all